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    Meet this Month's Legendairy Little, Noah

    Each month we donate a portion of our profits to a child with medical needs through the Legendairy Littles program. The month of February we have selected to focus on a NICU fighter named Noah. 

    Noah made his arrival at 24 weeks gestation weighing 1 pound 12 ounces. Within the first few days of life the doctors noticed that Noah had a hole in his intestines which required surgery. This surgery was successful at removing the dead portion of Noah’s bowels as well as his appendix. He is currently focusing on growing and is almost 5 pounds! Noah’s mom has been dedicating her energy to exclusively pumping so that Noah can be strong enough for his next surgery which will take place in the beginning of February to repair his intestines as well as to fix hernias. During the month of February a portion of Legendairy Milk’s profits will be donated to Noah’s family to assist with travel expenses associated with traveling to Noah’s NICU. Thank you to all the mamas who contribute to the Legendairy Littles program with their purchase. 


    • I came across your website. What an amazing program you have! Thank you for the help you give to all moms and babies. I hope little Noah as well as all other beautiful babies are doing well :)

      Sandra Spires
    • Thank you so much Legendairy Milk for not only making the excellent products that help young mothers like my daughter (Noah’s mom) produce the milk to nourish my grandbaby to health; but also for this great program helping their family! And my handsome grandson

      Janet king

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