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    Meet This Month's Legendairy Little, Oliver

    Each month we donate a portion of our sales to a child with medical needs through the Legendairy Littles program. 

    At a 16-week ultrasound it was discovered that Oliver had a lower urinary tract obstruction. This caused his bladder to be so distended that he would require surgery while still in utero to help him survive. After birth, Oliver would be diagnosed with Eagle-Barrett Syndrome, also known as Prune Belly Syndrome. This rare condition means that Oliver does not have the stomach muscles needed to stabilize his body and keep his organs safe. Oliver was born in complete kidney failure and was put on dialysis at just one week old. In an inexplicable turn of events, the one kidney he has left picked up enough function to come off the dialysis treatment, astonishing his entire team of doctors. He will still need a kidney transplant, but has to wait 2-4 years to reach the weight criteria to qualify.

    Now 9 months old, Oliver is a sweet little guy who smiles regardless of all the hurdles that he has to overcome. Mom stays with Oliver when he is inpatient while Dad and two-year-old sister, Emelia, live with grandparents. It is hard for the family to be separated for months at a time, but Emelia loves to facetime with Oliver to keep his spirits up. Oliver kicks and smiles as Emelia sings to him.

    A portion of May sales will be donated to Oliver’s family to help with costs of his continued care. Oliver requires a special car seat costing thousands of dollars, and specialized home medical equipment that insurance does not cover. Oliver’s family would like to invite you to follow his journey on Instagram @mighty_oliver.  If you would like to donate directly to their family, their GoFundMe is: 



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