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5 Benefits of Side-Lying Bottle Feeding

Side lying is a natural position for your baby to be in where their whole body is supported making it easier for them to focus on eating. All of their body weight is being supported by the parent's lap, pillow or bed making them feel stable, safe and relaxed during their feeding.

Side lying paced feeding gives your baby more control over their feed. It allows for pauses between sucks and swallows for breathing. If too much milk is flowing, it drips out the side of the baby's mouth rather than causing the baby to have to guzzle it down often causing gagging and sputtering, which is not a fun way to eat.

Slowing down the feeding means the baby is more likely to stop eating when they are full rather than be overfed. 

In the more "classic" cradled bottle feeding position, the baby has no other choice than to swallow when milk is continuously being given from the bottle. More air is often swallowed leading to gassiness, spitting up and uncomfortable tummies.

Side lying paced feeding is also comfortable for the parent. Supporting your baby in your lap on their side means no tired arms! Having your baby in this position allows you to see their cues and follow their lead through the feeding.

 Our original Instagram video post that reveals the 5 benefits:


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