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  • I do not feel my let downs, and honestly it made the early days of nursing very difficult as I didn’t know when baby girl was getting milk.
    Thankfully I learned the physical signs she showed me and began to notice when her suck adjusted.

  • I feel my let down every time. It feels like a Pole or a tug.

    Taylor Decesare
  • My letdown feel warm and tugging and then the milk flows.

    Alicia M long
  • I didn’t feel the letdown sensation until the second week after the birth of my baby girl. Since then, I feel it several times a day, anywhere from every 2-3 hours. It feels like a tiny electric shocks throughout my breasts and leading toward the nipple. Sometimes, I’ll feel it earlier than the normal schedule if my baby is giving me the hungry cry!

  • Pins and needles with nausea


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