Has your supply regulated?

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Somewhere around 4-6 weeks postpartum (potentially as late as 12 weeks), your milk supply will begin adjusting to meet your baby's needs. How much milk you will make at this point will be determined by the information your body gathered during the previous weeks of breastfeeding. If you nursed or pumped infrequently in those early weeks, your milk production may decrease at this point because there were not enough "milk-making factories" created to match your baby's needs. Essentially, your rate of milk production will go up or down based on how much and how often milk is removed from your breasts. ⁣

Some signs that your supply has regulated are: you lose that feeling of fullness in your breasts, and they may feel soft or even empty — your breasts are never truly empty, though! "Empty" breasts are working breasts. ⁣

You may stop leaking and feeling let-downs (or feel them but not with the same intensity as before), and if you pump, you may notice that you're not getting as much milk. This typically doesn't mean you're not making enough for your baby, but if you have any concerns, a visit with a lactation professional can ease any concerns.

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Looking for tips/advice to increase my supply. I am a pumping and nursing mom. I pump at work. Days i don’t work i only pump in the morning when I first wake unless baby is up then I miss that pump session.
Legendairy Milk replied:
Our team is happy to help provide tips! Please email us at info@legendairymilk.com to get started! ❤️


So can I still increase my supply after that or is this it then? :(
Legendairy Milk replied:
Great question! Regulation is highly dependent on the individual as well as situation (exclusively nursing, nursing and pumping, exclusively pumping), but supply can increase after regulation. While we highly suggest working with a qualified IBCLC (International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant) if you are having any breastfeeding concerns, our team of Certified Breastfeeding Specialists are also available to help provide tips on increasing supply. You can email us at info@legendairymilk.com!


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