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How to Assemble Your Imani i2

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Do the 2 units work in synchronicity or can you use different settings on each?
Legendairy Milk replied:
You can use different settings on each! You will manually adjust the settings 😊


What direction should the numbered side of the duckbill valve face?
Legendairy Milk replied:
Great question! The number can face any direction without affecting performance. The key is to line up the arrow on the duckbill valve with the arrow on the valve base as seen on page 08 of the user manual:


Can the pump parts be sterilized in a bottle sterilizer that uses steam to sterilize?
Legendairy Milk replied:
Great question and they should not be sterilized in a steam sterilizer. Concentrated high-heat sterilization methods like steam sterilizers for bottles can cause the hard plastic pieces to warp and the silicone parts of the Imani cups to wear out faster.

As communicated on the product page <> and in the Imani User Manual <>, we recommend sterilizing the parts once before the first use by submerging them in boiling water for 3 minutes. During this process, the parts should be actively monitored to avoid any accidental contact with the sides or bottom of the pot. Non-heat methods, such as UV sterilization, or cold water sterilization (Milton tablets), are also great options.🙌


Any tips for lining up the flange? I’m having a hard time with that and my nipples aren’t happy.


How often do I have to boil the hands free cup sorry I’m a new mom
Legendairy Milk replied:
That is a great question! We recommend sterilizing all parts, excluding the tubing and adapters, by boiling for 3 minutes before the first use only. It is important to monitor the parts during sterilization, and make sure there is enough water so that the parts do not come in contact with the sides or bottom of the pot. After each subsequent use, they can be washed by hand in warm soapy water.

After the initial sterilization, we recommend non-heat methods to avoid damaged or warped parts. UV sterilization or cold water sterilization (Milton tablets) are great options.

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