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Legendairy Milk Elvie Hack

When it comes to wearable, hands-free, and wire/cord-free portable breast pumps, there are only a few options and Elvie is one of them.

The Elvie is available as a single or double pump option and comes standard with a 24 mm and 28 mm flange with the option of purchasing a 21 mm flange directly from Elvie. Each flange has a size guide on the bottom to help you align your nipples properly but if you already know you need a smaller size, you end up having to find some inserts that will work within the larger flanges.

nipple with flange sowing that the flange is too large for nipple 

 Because of the way the suction mechanisms work with the Elvie pump, the insert you choose must fit just right or be trimmed down to avoid blocking the holes on the Elvie flange which allow for suction.

This is where some hacks come in!

 silicone flange in elvie flange without blocking air holemaymom insert blocks the air hole in elvie

Enter Legendairy Milk silicone breast shields/flanges (that come with our collection cups or separately) to save the day!

The 24 mm Legendairy Milk silicone flange can fit into the 28 mm Elvie flange without blocking the flange’s air holes. You can then add your inserts to the 24 mm flange to get the diameter you need and provide the length that may be needed for longer or excessively elastic nipples.   

28mm Elvie flange and 24mm Legendairy flangeThe fit is a bit tight, so it does require some wiggling and pressure to get the Legendairy 24 mm silicone flange into the Elvie 28 mm hard flange, but once that is securely in, you can add your inserts into the Legendairy flange. You may need to do a U fold or “tulip” fold (anyone familiar with reusable menstrual cups? That’s the same fold you would use) and then flatten out the folds so that you have a smooth tunnel transition.

It’s also important to note that the Legendairy flange will not sit flush with the Elvie flange, but there is enough stability for the pump to comfortably sit against your breast/chest and within your bra to provide you a comfortable, hands-free, pumping session.

u fold or tulip fold of flangeclose up on the fold before flatteningflange all smoothed outinsert without blocking air holes for proper suctionThe Legendairy Milk 19 mm inserts work well in this setup also! You may find yourself needing to do the U fold or “tulip” fold mentioned above to get the insert in comfortably but once you’ve smoothed everything out, you’re good to go!

u fold or tulip fold on 19mm Legendairy Milk insert19mm Legendairy Milk insert inside 24mm Legendairy Milk flange inside 28mm Elvie flange

Statistically many pumpers need even smaller flange sizes than the 19 mm offered by Legendairy. While we are working on those sizes, we don’t have them yet, so we recommend third-party options like Maymom. These inserts are made to fit into a 24 mm flange and work perfectly in this hack. 

Maymom 17mm insert in 24mm insert hack

silicone insert with elvie pumpIf you have any questions or need help troubleshooting, reach out to us via email or on social media.

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  • Hi! I use the 21mm with elvie but was sized at a 16. Do I use the 28 mm instead to add your 24mm insert? Then add the 16?
    Legendairy Milk replied:
    Great question! To use a 16 mm Insert, you will still need to use the 24 mm Legendairy Milk flange inside the 28 mm Elvie flange. Once the 24 mm Legendairy Milk flange is in place, you can insert the 16 mm Insert. ❤️

    Jessica Cooper
  • I am a 21mm, can I use the 21mm shield with the 28mm Elvie shield?
    Legendairy Milk replied:
    Great question! The 21mm BREAST SHIELD will work just as well as the other SIlicone Collection Cup breast shields in the 28mm Elvie.

    If you would like to use the 21mm INSERT, you will still need the 24mm breast shield to use it with the Elvie.

  • Hey! I have been using the 24mm fairly well, but think I’m a size in between the 24mm and 28mm. What you recommend in this instance?
    Thanks x

    Iver Mack
  • Hi! Would this work with the Elvie Stride as well? Thanks!

  • Hey there! I use the 21mm Elvie OG Pump. I previously sized myself as a 20mm. What size should I purchase in the silicone insert?
    Legendairy Milk replied:
    That’s a great question! Please email us at and we’ll be more than happy to help.

    Bri Katz

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