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november little Kamden

Each month we donate a portion of our proceeds to a child with medical needs through the Legendairy Littles program. During the month of November, we will meet Kamden, a 16-month-old with Femoral Facial Syndrome and Pierre Robin Sequence. 

Femoral Facial Syndrome is a very rare disorder that affects less than 100 individuals and occurs randomly in the population. The main characteristics are underdeveloped thigh bones and a variety of facial characteristics. A few characteristics that are common are a cleft palate, small and/or retracted jaw, abnormal vertebral size, thin lips, and hip dysplasia. In Kamden’s case, he has no left femur/hip joint and a malformed right femur/hip joint. 

In Pierre Robin Sequence, there is an underdeveloped jaw, tongue that is placed further back in the mouth, and upper airway obstruction. This condition is called a “sequence” because the main feature of an underdeveloped lower jaw sets off a sequence of other malformations while a baby develops prior to birth. This condition can lead to breathing difficulties as well as feeding problems. This is also a rare condition that can affect one out of every 14,000 people. Kamden does have difficulties eating and breathing, which has resulted in multiple surgeries including G-tube placement and cleft palate repair

Kamden is a lovable, happy guy. He continues to exceed any expectation that someone has for him. He has always worked so hard at therapy to crush goals that have been set. 

Kamden is adored by everyone who meets him. He enjoys spending time with his three older sisters and four older brothers and is happiest when he's in the pool and playing in water. Kamden also loves to stretch during therapy, being on his therapy ball and saucer swing are his two favorite activities!

During the month of November, a portion of our proceeds will be donated to Kamden’s family to help with his ongoing medical expenses.
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What a beautiful boy. He will bless your family in so many ways! I have a son with a few disabilities that has come very far and worked hard, and has learned to work through basic obstacles that come easy to others. currently 9 yrs old. God bless you and your son for all the mile- stones he will reach. 💕
Legendairy Milk replied:
Thank you for your support, and we are excited to hear your little (now big) one is doing so well! 💕


Hello, I am not currently in need of any products this month but I would love to donate to Kamden. Can you assist me with this?
Thank you!


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