Meet This Month’s Legendairy Little, Alaric

Each month we donate a portion of our sales to a child in need through the Legendairy Littles program.

At a 28 week appointment, Alaric had not grown in 3 weeks because of IUGR and Marginal Cord Insertion on the placenta. At that time, Mom had also developed severe preeclampsia that would lead them to being flown to a hospital several hours from home that was equipped with a Level 3 NICU. Weighing 1 pound 13 ounces, Alaric was born at 28 weeks 6 days. Alaric continues to grow and make improvements while in the NICU. He was able to move from CPap, to high flow oxygen, to low flow oxygen all within one month. Due to being premature, he has Chronic Lung Disease, but his parents are helping him overcome those obstacles as they come. He is still struggling to suck, swallow, and breathe at the same time, so Mom has been exclusively pumping for him.

Alaric has a few goals left before he is able to go home with his parents. His eyes need to finish developing properly. He has been having biweekly eye exams to ensure he doesn't have overgrowth of red blood vessels which can lead to blindness. He needs to pass his eye exams, have a surgery requiring him to be put under full anesthesia, he needs to progress with his feedings, be off of oxygen support, and handle car seat training to be sure he can handle the drive home.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both of Alaric’s parents have lost their jobs. The Legendairy Littles gift will help the financial burden of traveling to be with Alaric in the NICU. This also includes care for their fur-baby, Miley, who needs to be boarded while Mom and Dad are with Alaric due to being several hours from home. If you would like to contribute directly to Alaric’s family, you may do so at their GoFundMe:

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