Meet this month’s Legendairy Little, Jace

Each month we donate a portion of our sales to a child with medical needs through the Legendairy Littles program.

Jace left the hospital in June 2020 at just one day old. He was eating well and looked content and perfectly healthy. However, the next day his mom began to worry when he went five hours without eating. She trusted her gut and brought him to the emergency room, where he soon began to projectile vomit. After countless tests, labs, and scans, Jace was sent to the NICU but Jace’s mom could not be by his side due to new COVID-19 protocols. She would later learn that he had a Diaphragmatic Hernia, a hole in his diaphragm that his bowels had slipped into and caused an infection in his stomach. Jace would be placed in a medically induced coma for three days so his body could heal. He is now home and is continuing on his healing journey.

The donation from the Legendairy Littles program will be used for Jace’s medical expenses.
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