Meet This Month's Legendairy Little, Bennett

Bennett is a determined and brave three-year-old who is filled with hope and joy. At only 18 months old, Bennett’s family received a diagnosis that she was born with a genetic variant of the CAMK2B gene, making her one of only seven the world who have this condition. Some of the daily challenges that Bennett faces include severe physical disability, sensory processing disorder, cognitive and social/emotional disorders, nonverbal, cortical visual impairment, gastrointestinal troubles, and also hypotonia and neuromuscular disorders. Even though Bennett has such a rare gene variant, her parents are giving every ounce of their energy to helping her continue to make progress. They work with her daily to give Bennett the best life possible and searching for anything that could help bring more help to their family. Bennett’s family has recently discovered a therapy program in another state that would be able to cater to Bennett’s special needs as well as provide her with premium health care. 

A portion of all sales from the month of January will be given to Bennett’s family to assist in allowing Bennett the opportunity to visit this amazing therapy facility out of state. 

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