Meet this Month's Legendairy Little, Izzy

Each month, one family with a medically complex baby or child is selected to receive a portion of the profits from Legendairy Milk as part of the Legendairy Littles program. 

The month of September we have selected to focus on Infant Spinal Complications. Spinal complications can carry many different forms and can often come with other conditions throughout the body. Three particular spinal conditions include Hemivertibrae, Tethered Cord, and Scoliosis. Hemivertebrae is when the vertebrae is wedge-shaped thus creating an angle in the spine. Having a Tethered spinal cord is when there is limited movement of the spinal cord caused by tissue attachments. The tissue attachments may cause stretching of the spinal cord. Finally, Scoliosis is when there is a sideways curve of the spine.  Each of these conditions carries its own set of risks, side effects, and can be long term or lifelong diagnoses. 

Izzy was born in March with several Congenital Heart Defects, all three Spinal complications listed above, and a high arched palate.  At only five days old, Izzy had her first open heart surgery which resulted in Horner’s Syndrome. Even though Izzy is a medically complex little lady, she is a beauty and a fighter. She has had a difficult time gaining weight because of her heart conditions so Izzy’s cardiologist has suggested she have a second heart surgery in September. They are hopeful that this surgery will allow Izzy to continue to grow.  Izzy also has the possibility of three spinal surgeries in the future. 

During the month of September, a portion of Legendairy Milk’s profits will be donated to Izzy’s family to help cover some of the expenses of her second heart surgery. If you would like to nominate your family for the Legendairy Littles program, please email us at 

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