Meet This Month's Legendairy Little, Nolan

Nolan is a 10-month old with the most contagious smile you will ever see. He is the youngest of four with three older brothers keeping a close eye on him. When Nolan was 3 months old, his mom noticed some items that didn’t seem “normal."  At his 6-month checkup, Nolan’s doctor referred him to a Neurologist with the thought that Nolan had Cerebral Palsy. Nolan had genetic testing done at that appointment with a sedated MRI soon after. Nolan would be diagnosed with Lissencephaly Grade 1 and Cerebral Palsy. Lissencephaly is often referred to as “smooth brain” and can fall into six different grades – grade 6 being the best and grade 1 being the worst. Nolan’s brain, sometime between 12-14 weeks gestation, quit forming the way that it should and does not have the ridges and grooves that a normal brain has. This condition is not able to be seen with an ultrasound prior to birth. Nolan also has Cortical Vision Impairment. His vision is perfect; however the brain is not processing what is seen in a correct way. With Nolan’s diagnoses comes secondary concerns such as hypotonia, easily catches sicknesses, prone to pneumonia, and seizures. 

Nolan is blessed to have three older brothers who look out for him as well as parents who are working so hard to provide for his needs. Regardless of his healthcare battles, Nolan has been able to start life with the best in liquid gold nutrition from his mom. His family is clinging to their faith and the love and support of friends and family as they go down this unknown road of Lissencephaly Grade 1. The family plans to use the financial gift from Legendairy Milk to help with specialty equipment to help with his vision therapy. 

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