Meet This Month's Legendairy Little, Terran

Terran’s mom had a stress-free pregnancy with a planned home water birth until the final week, when pre-eclampsia resulted in a switch to a hospital birth. At only three hours old, Terran’s mom noticed he was a gray blue color and alerted the nurses. He was intubated and was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease called Tetralogy of Fallot, with severe pulmonary stenosis. Surgery was done at three days old to place a BT shunt that would help blood get to his lungs to get oxygen. One hour after the surgery was completed, Terran’s machines started to go crazy, and doctors found that he had clotted the shunt. It was this that led doctors to discover that Terran also has a clotting disorder. Doctors placed a new shunt right there in his room. This hospital had never before needed to do an emergency surgery like this in a recovery room. They were quick to act and after the second surgery, they started him on blood thinners to prevent future clots but elected to leave his incision open in the event that they needed to repair the new shunt. Thankfully, Terran’s chest was able to be closed two days later and he was able to go home after 15 days. 

Weight gain continues to be difficult for Terran as his heart works very hard to try to make up for the defects. He has been able to stop using an NG feeding tube and is now able to exclusively breastfeed. Doctors expect Terran to have a full heart repair surgery in September at 6 months old, and he will also need additional surgeries in the future. All things considered Terran is a very happy boy who loves to coo and play. Terran’s parents have had to leave their jobs to provide the care he needs. If you would like to donate directly to Terran’s family, a gift can be sent via Venmo to  @Carrington-Manning.

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