Meet This Month's Legendairy Littles, Nico and Noah


nico and noah our October legendairy littles

Each month we donate a portion of our proceeds to a child with medical needs through the Legendairy Littles program. Nico and Noah were born as micro preemies at 25 weeks gestation.  

Both Nico and Noah were born with chronic lung disease and a diagnosis of Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). PDA is an opening between the two blood vessels leading from the heart. PDA can be minor and cause no symptoms, or it can be severe and have complications such a failure to thrive or breathlessness.  Nico’s PDA was so severe that he had to be transported to a hospital several hours from his twin for an emergency heart surgery. He was separated from his brother for two weeks before returning to the original NICU. During the time that the boys were separated, Dad was the delivery man, bringing breast milk back and forth between the two hospitals, despite being hours apart.  Both boys require respiratory support and NG feeding tubes. 

Nico and Noah were able to be side by side for the first time since the womb when they were 10 weeks old. That moment was magical for their family and the staff at the NICU. Mom has left her position at work to spend every moment with the boys. She is dedicated to helping them master the art of sucking with the hope that they will be able to leave the NICU without the need of feeding tubes. 

Nico is a very quiet, calm baby and can literally have anything done to him without letting out a cry. He is so alert and loves to just lay and observe his surroundings. He loves to be spoken to. Bedtime stories are his favorite. Noah is the exact opposite. He is very dramatic and will let out a cry for everything. He definitely lets you know if he doesn’t like something. He likes to sleep while being swaddled and sucking on his pacifier. Anything else, he dislikes and is quite vocal about it. The NICU nurses always joke that Noah is dramatic and very opinionated like his daddy. Whereas Nico is quiet, observant and introverted like his mama. 

Because of their unexpected early arrival, Nico and Noah’s mom was not able to have a baby shower. This has left them with virtually no supplies at home for the day they graduate from the NICU. Additionally, any finances that they had, included the sale of a vehicle, have been used to help cover the immediate needs of the twins including traveling between hospitals while they were apart. 

During the month of October, a portion of our proceeds will be donated to Nico and Noah’s family to help with purchase cribs and other necessary items needed for when the twins are able to go home.  If you would like to contribute directly to Nico and Noah’s family, you may do so here: 

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Omggg those are my boys names ! Niko and Noah! They are adorable god bless them

Brittany Leanza

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