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Using LacTeck Flanges with our Silicone Collection Cups

LacTeck is a company that makes a variety of baby feeding and pumping products, including a stand-alone silicone flange. They currently offer sizes 27 mm, 24 mm, 18 mm and 15 mm in their 3rd Generation and are accepting pre-orders for a 4th generation expected in October and to include sizes 27 mm, 24 mm, 21 mm, 18 mm and 15 mm.

Why are we sharing this info? You can use LacTeck flanges INSIDE your Legendairy Milk Silicone Collection Cups to reduce your flange tunnel size!


They are used like any other insert inside the tunnel of the collection cup flange. However, as is, they will be too long and stick out from the flange. This is fine and they can be used this way if it is comfortable for you. Or, you can trim the flange down so the LacTeck sits flush in the collection cup flange. This makes it a seamless fit and increases the level of comfort during pumping. Just be aware that if you do trim your LacTeck flanges, they will not be able to be used with your traditional set up as they won’t fit into a connector any longer.

With trimming the flanges, you need to be cautious that you don’t trim too much or too little and this is where our help comes into play- we have a guide to show how much to trim to get the ideal fit inside the cups.

LacTeck flanges have a thin “window” that they state helps pumping to feel more like nursing by mimicking baby’s suction motions. This window needs to be avoided when trimming down your flange as it can impact the effectiveness of the flange-turned-insert.

What you’ll need:

Legendairy Milk collection cup with 28 mm flange

LacTeck flange


Something to mark your measurement with (sharpie, etc)

Something to cut with (sharp scissors recommended!)


Here we have a 21 mm LacTeck flange that we want to use in the cup. You can see that placing the flange inside the 28 mm silicone flange, it sticks out and isn’t flush. You can pump this way if its comfortable for you, but trimming will provide the most comfort.


 If you measure 20 mm down from the end of the flange, this is an ideal place to make your cut- it allows the flange to sit flush in the 28 mm silicone flange and avoids the window so the shape is maintained.



If that doesn’t seem like its enough of a trim, you can remove another 5 mm and still avoid cutting into the window.


 If LacTeck works for you already, you can make it work for you with your new collection cups as well. If you have any questions or need help troubleshooting, reach out to us via email or on social media.


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