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    We hit the bullseye AGAIN!

    We’re so excited to announce that you can now find your favoritate lactation supplemets Pump Princess® and our Bestseller Bundle® in addition to Liquid Gold® in over 1,200 select TARGET locations! That’s right, Target! Use our store locator to put a bullseye on your nearest Target location, and then find us in the baby section. 
    Pump Princess contains a blend of organic ingredients designed to optimize breast milk production and support milk flow. Black seed has been used to promote healthy lactation in India and the Middle East for centuries. Fennel and dill are also traditionally used as a digestive support for mom and baby.
    Liquid Gold® contains a blend of powerful organic ingredients designed to optimize breast milk production. Goat's rue has a long-standing reputation for supporting a healthy milk supply in dairy animals and humans while milk thistle and shatavari are also traditionally used for added lactation support.

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