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    Legendairy Mamas

    Legendairy Mamas

    All breastfeeding moms have one main goal -- to feed their child. But contained within this main goal are a wide range of smaller, related goals like combating a low milk supply, adjusting to a baby's feeding demands during a growth spurt, planning on returning to work or school, or providing pumped milk to a preterm infant.

    The Legendairy Mamas program provides a team of lactation and sleep experts who can guide you through these challenges and help you define small steps you can make towards your breastfeeding and postpartum goals. Best of all, you can meet with one of our counselors or consultants from the comfort of your own home. To book your virtual consultation, please fill out this form.

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    • I was so close to quitting my pumping journey due to cracked, red, painful nipples… Thank you to Elisabeth I’m still in it going strong!!! Thank you soooooo much Elisabeth… I only wish I have done it sooner… My supply went up from 4 oz average per pump to 8 oz!!! Elisabeth not only suggested the correct size and cushions for improved comfort but she also send me a ton of tips and recommendations to improve my supply and overall wellbeing!!! 😀 If anyone out there is undecided please give the professionals a try! You will be so happy!!!!

      Indira Danner
    • Elizabeth is amazing. She was quick to email me and provide me with the information needed. I opted for a rush consult due to nipple pain cracking and decrease in production. I ended up having the correct size flange but ended up taking the recommendations from her and applying them! I ended up changing a few things and saw a almost 8-10 oz increase in my pumping!

      Elizabeth you saved my breastfeeding journey especially being able to provide while away from home at work! Thank you! You made me feel comfortable and are amazing at what you do!

      Jessica DiBiase
    • Just last week I had a consultation with Elisabeth!
      She’s awesome.
      She messaged me back right way with that she needed from me! And I felt so much support from her.
      Customer service is 10000/100 she’s amazing.
      I was on the edge about getting a consult if it would even be worth it. Turns out I have the perfect size but she provided sooo many tips and gave me several resources that have made my pumping experience so much better.

      You rock Elisabeth and thank you so muchhhhh for making this momma feel secure about her breastfeeding/pumping journey worth every penny and more!!!!!! <333

      Rubi Barrera
    • Just wanted to say how helpful a flange consultation with Elisabeth was! I had a few local lactation consultants tell me I should go up a size in flanges because of my sore nipples as an exclusive pumper. After a thorough consultation with Elisabeth, I have gone down a size in flanges and no longer have sore nipples or pinching when I pump. Elisabeth is knowledgeable and quick to respond.

    • I was skeptical at first but I’ve been very pleased!! Second time ordering and super excited!!

      Elvia Lopez

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