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Meet August’s Legendairy Little, Haisley

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Each month we donate a portion of our proceeds to a child with medical needs through the Legendairy Littles program.

During the month of August, we will be featuring Haisley.

Born at 25 weeks 4 days, Haisley was immediately life flighted two hours from her small town hospital to one that would be better equipped to provide care for her. It was here that Haisley was diagnosed with chronic lung disease, a grade 3 brain bleed, and so much more. Due to the severity of her brain bleed, Haisley was life-flighted to another hospital that would now be three hours away and in another state from her home.

During her 120 day NICU stay, Haisley had two brain surgeries, and her mom committed to spending as much time as she could with Haisley, even though that meant losing her job. 

When Haisley was discharged from the NICU, she had a VP Shunt in her head, oxygen, and an ng feeding tube. Mom had wanted to provide breast milk, but since Haisley couldn’t nurse, Mom committed to exclusively pumping. Her mom is a true hero and has been able to donate breast milk to other NICU babies. She is still medically fragile and must be life-flighted back to the hospital an average of once per month for around a week stay each time. When she is able to be home, Haisley spends a lot of time traveling three hours to see therapists and doctors. Her brain bleed has caused developmental delays that her medical team is working to overcome. 

Haisley has an older sister who is 14-months older than she is. The two girls are best friends who enjoy playing peek-a-boo together.  She loves to sit in her bouncer or spend time outside in the water.  The Legendairy Littles donation will be used to help Haisley’s family with ongoing travel expenses.

If you would like to donate directly to Haisley’s family, you can do so here:

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