FSA & HSA Eligible Lactation Products & Supplies

Use your medical savings account, like an FSA or HSA, to purchase eligible breast pumps and breastfeeding supplies.


    A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and a Health Savings Account (HSA) are medical savings accounts that you put tax-free money into and can be used to pay for certain out-of-pocket health care expenses.


    The IRS identifies“the cost of breast pumps and supplies that assist lactation”as FSA/HSA eligible. However, it does not cover all products such as excess bottles. If you are unsure which items are covered, we highly recommend you contact your FSA/HSA provider before purchasing.

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How do I pay using my FSA/HSA account?

A. If you have an FSA/HSA debit card, you can process the payment through our website like a regular credit card payment.

B. If you do not have an FSA/HSA debit card, you can make a purchase using your regular banking/credit card and submit the receipt to your provider for reimbursement. PLEASE NOTE: You will need to keep a copy of your receipt for proof.

I'm trying to use my FSA/HSA card — why is it not working?

If your FSA/HSA card is being rejected, you will need to contact your provider and confirm if the products you’re trying to purchase are eligible. You may also need to confirm that your FSA/HSA card has a major credit card logo like VISA and MasterCard on the card and can be used as a credit card.

Can I purchase FSA/HSA eligible products (breast pumps and pumping accessories) and non-FSA/HSA products from LegendairyMilk.com at the same time?

No, you are not able to purchase FSA/HSA-approved products with non-FSA/HSA products. Your FSA/HSA provider will automatically flag non-FSA/HSA-approved products in your purchase attempt causing your transaction to get declined. It is best to purchase eligible products (breast pumps and pumping accessories) and non-FSA/HSA products separately from LegendairyMilk.com.

How do I know which items are FSA/HSA eligible?

Our FSA/HSA-approved products can be found here and have an FSA/HSA eligible icon on them.