FluidFit® Single Silicone Slow-Flow Nipple

FluidFit® Single Silicone Slow-Flow Nipple

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Made with soft, pliable food-grade silicone. 
A common misconception is that nipples with a wide base are most like breastfeeding because our breasts are wide. But this nipple shape may promote "straw sucking," where baby's mouth closes around the tip or length of the nipple and doesn't open for the base. The gradual transition from tip to base on our silicone nipple typically provides for better mouth placement and a deeper latch for your baby.

Compatible with 4oz PPSU Wide-Neck Baby Bottle sold separately.

ALL SALES FINAL. Does NOT include a baby bottle, collar or cap.

Includes: Nipple only. 

WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD - keep away from infants and small children. Replace parts right away if they become torn or damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this nipple compare to other slow-flow nipples?
    Did you know that not all slow-flow nipples are created equal? That's why we had our nipple lab tested by infant feeding expert, Britt Pados! As a frame of reference, products with similar flow rates to our silicone nipple include the Philips Avent Anti-colic 0m+, and the single-use products Enfamil Standard flow and Similac Standard Flow.

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