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Meet February's Legendairy Littles, Levi and Lane

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Each month we donate a portion of our proceeds to a child with medical needs through the Legendairy Littles program. During the month of February, we will be featuring 9-month-old mono/mono twins Levi and Lane.  

Born just seconds apart, Levi and Lane arrived into the world.  Levi and Lane are part of a small, rare club of monoamniotic-monochorionic twins. This is the rarest form of twin pregnancy. They are identical twins who share the same amniotic sac and placenta. Not only is this the most rare type of twin pregnancy happening in less than 0.1% of pregnancies, but it is also the most dangerous. Cord entanglement, twin-to-twin transfusion, and other blood flow complications are most likely to occur and result in approximately 70% of these pregnancies being fatal to one or both twins.  

At 23-weeks pregnant, Lane and Levi’s parents were told that Levi had blood flow reversal. This condition can easily take a turn where Levi would not survive in the womb in the coming weeks. If Levi were to pass, it would mean that Lane would most likely pass away soon after due to a stroke. Faced with an impossible decision, Lane and Levi’s parents decided to continue the twin pregnancy. By a miracle, Levi’s blood flow went back to normal, and Mom was able to carry the boys to 32 weeks 5 days. 

Lane was born weighing 4 pounds 2.7 ounces and was 16.76 inches long. He spent a total of 27 days in the NICU to grow and learn how to bottle feed. After surfactant treatment at birth, he was considered a “feeder and grower”. Surfactant treatment is used to help with many things, most commonly Respiratory Distress Syndrome.  

Levi was born weighing 3 pounds 7.7 ounces and was 16.93 inches long. Immediately after birth, Levi was emergently transferred to a Children’s hospital where he spent 102 days in the CICU and Step-Down Unit. Levi was born with a rare heart defect that occurs in 1 out of every 12,000 pregnancies, Dextrocardia. Additionally, he has Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA), a few VSDs, Pulmonary Stenosis, and was PDA Dependent at birth. In Dextrocardia is when the heart is positioned on the right side of the body instead of the left side. Levi had his first heart surgery at three months old where he got a BT shunt and pulmonary artery reconstruction. In the first three months of being home, Levi has had three ER visits and one re-admission. Levi’s parents were told that he also has straddling of the valves. This can make things more complex.  He is scheduled for at least two additional procedures before his first birthday. After that, Levi will require open heart surgeries as he grows since part of his heart will not grow with him. At home, Levi receives 24/7 oxygen, has an ND feeding tube, requires suctioning frequently to aid in swallowing, is on 9 different medications, and is part of a home surveillance team where he is monitored to alert for any concerning trends. He has visits with his Cardiologist once a week and fights a hard battle every day. 

Because of Levi’s heath, Mom had to leave her career to stay home with the boys. The boys love watching Bluey and staring at the ceiling fan. Toys that make sounds and lights are always a hit at the house. Currently, Mom is enjoying watching them talk and coo with each other and smile when they are happy. They are thankful to the Children’s hospital for introducing the boys to their MamaRoo swing, Lane and Levi also love their rockers and activity centers.   

During the month of February, a portion of our proceeds will be donated to Lane and Levi’s family to help with their ongoing medical expenses. If you would like to contribute to their family’s team for the Cincinnati’s American Heart Association’s Mini Walk, you may do so at their team’s link. The walk is a fundraiser for the American Heart Association taking place in March 2023. 

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