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  • I have misplaced the adapters is there somewhere I can get them?
    Legendairy Milk replied:
    The Adapters come as part of our Spare y-shaped tubing and adapters kit! You can find them here:

  • I see different models of bellababy does this hack work for all?
    Legendairy Milk replied:
    Yes! The the flange and tubing are the same, so they are compatible with the Silicone Collection Cups! It’s just the pumps that are different! 🙌

  • FYI yes the adapters are included when you order these

  • The adaptor is included in the cup set from Legendairy Milk

  • Both adapters are included in the box with the cups, tubing, extra valves. You don’t have to buy anything additional to connect your baby Buddha


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