How to hack Bellababy or Baby Buddha breast pumps to work with our Silicone Collection Cups

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 Please refer to the chart below to work around the Baby Buddha breast pump settings and apply the same for Bellababy pump hacks. 

instructions on how to hack babybella & baby buddha breastpumps to work with silicone collection cups


Does the 21 mm inserts work better in the 24mn or 28?
Legendairy Milk replied:
Great question! The 21 mm insert fits in both the 24 and 28 mm silicone flanges. It is a bit tighter fit in the 24 mm silicone flange, but will work in both!


Do the 19mm flange inserts go inside the 24mm or 27mm flanges that come with the cups?
Legendairy Milk replied:
Great question! The Silicone Collection Cups come with 24 mm and 28 mm breast shields (flanges) and the 19 mm inserts fit best in the 24 mm breast shields.


does this hack also work with the pumpables genie advanced system? thanks!
Legendairy Milk replied:
Great question! To connect the Pumpables pump with our Silicone Collection Cups you will use Adapter A which comes with the cups kit to connect the tubing and cup. This is the same way you would connect Spectra type tubing. You will not need to use adapter B as seen in this blog.


Similar to another comment, I did this hack, but the tube on adapter A doesn’t go all the way into the collection cup . There is a gap between the base of the adapter and the end of the plastic holder. Is this how it’s supposed to be or is there something else that I can do?


I have misplaced the adapters is there somewhere I can get them?
Legendairy Milk replied:
The Adapters come as part of our Spare y-shaped tubing and adapters kit! You can find them here:

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