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  • Hello! Would these cups work with the spectra 9 plus?
    Legendairy Milk replied:
    Yes! The Silicone Collection Cups are compatible with the Spectra 9+! 🙌

  • Hey I bought the legendary silicone cups. How do I use it with my zomee z2 I’m having a hard time trying to figure it out.

    Brittny Sandoval
  • Mine do also not sit flush. The adapter seems to be too long for the cups backflow piece. I cannot push it all the way in to create a seal and it just comes right out
    Legendairy Milk replied:
    While Adapter A does not have to sit flush, it should create a seal. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us at!

  • I have the motif luna (comparable to the spectra s1/2) and I noticed that the A adapter to use my regular tubing with the cups doesn’t sit flush with the plastic valve on the cups. Is that normal or should I cut the rubber end of the adapter slightly to allow the adapter to sit flush between both tube ends? I wasn’t sure if it would affect the suction if it wasn’t flush.
    Legendairy Milk replied:
    Adapter A does not need to sit flush with the cups! You will want to push Adapter A into the cups to create a seal, but more adapters do not need to be completely flush with the plastic valve on the cups.


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