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On Average, Babies Take Only 67% of The Available Milk

By: Sabrina Granniss, IBCLC


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Research has shown that babies will normally drain our breasts one or more times each day, but they don’t drain them at every feed. One of the breastfeeding basics to keep in mind: on average, babies take only 67% of the available milk. That means babies typically stop feeding when they’ve reached satiety, not because our breast is “empty.” Keep in mind that if you're pumping shortly after a feed, what you see in the bottle is “dessert,” not a full meal. ⁣⁣Baby already received that full meal when breastfed so a pump output of an ounce or less is completely normal and to be expected.
We know that drained breasts make milk faster and full breasts make milk slower. Since babies don’t always drain the breast at every feed, you can increase your milk production by putting in more orders at the “breastaurant.” So how to increase breast milk naturally at home? That may mean nursing more often (cue-based feeds both day and night), pumping/using your hands while pumping, or hand expressing after feeds to increase milk production.

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