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    Returning to work?

    Are you preparing to return to work? These tips may help! Many women will use a soft silicone Haakaa (or knock-off) “manual pump” as a milk collector while nursing to create a stash. Latch baby on one breast, then attach the silicone “pump” with suction to your other breast and collect all the drops. ⁣Parallel pumping is another great option. ⁣⁣

    Lactation professionals typically suggest waiting to pump regularly until about 3-4 weeks before your return to work. This is to prevent oversupply/engorgement and the associated complications that may arise with that. Some women can pump regularly early on in addition to nursing on demand with no issues but since every woman is different and milk production is controlled by supply and demand, it’s generally suggested to wait a few weeks before getting into a daily pumping routine unless you are experiencing low milk production.

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