Silicone Breast Shield Hack - Medela/Spectra

Did you know our silicone breast shields from our collection cups can be used as stand-alone flanges too? All you need is your Legendairy Milk 24 mm silicone breast shield available here and your connector of choice.

Typically hard plastic flanges are inserted inside the narrow or wide mouth connectors but with this hack, you will place the flange around the stem of the connector, on the outside. The 24 mm silicone breast shield has a ridge on the inside of the end of the tunnel and this will fit nicely around the plastic of whichever connector you choose to use, creating a smooth transition for your nipple to move. If you need to use an insert to have a smaller tunnel diameter than the 24 mm, that will fit well within the flange still.

ridge within silicone flange tunnel

Even the new Medela PersonalFit Flex connectors work with this hack!

If you use a Spectra pump and want to continue using your Spectra set up and bottles, you will need a wide mouth connector, available on Amazon here

If you use a Spectra pump but would like to use narrow mouth connectors and bottles, you either need an adapter for your Spectra backflow protector or a long-stem backflow protector. You can find the adapters here or the long stem backflow here.

You can use a connector such as the standard Medela base as shown with the long stem backflow protector, but the flange won’t fit as tightly on this style. You can see that the stem of the connector doesn’t jut out as much as the other styles so use this style connector at your own risk! Ameda style connector is available here and the narrow mouth with top pump tube insertion connector is available here.

On another note, because the Silicone flange is so large and flexible, the use of this flange is best done with a pumping bra to provide firm support of the flange against your body. Place the flange against your body and center the nipple, then push the flange tunnel through the bra and attach to the connector.

This is the Bravado Clip and Pump which can be used with any nursing bra. Available on Amazon.

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My insurance covers the Cara Cups for Spectra but I’m not a fan of the shed plastic. Can I use these instead of the hard plastic flanges? Will they fit?


Will the 21mm silicone breast shield connect directly to the wide mouth connector?
Legendairy Milk replied:
Great question! The 21 mm Legendairy Milk breast shields can also be connected to your Medela/ Spectra flange by using this hack! 🙌


Hi! Does this mean that the 28 mm silicone flanges will not work as a standalone flange with Spectra S1?
Legendairy Milk replied:
If you use a Spectra pump and want to continue using your Spectra set up and bottles, you will need a wide mouth connector, available on Amazon here <>.


The connector that touches the flange always seems to disconnect with the moisture and especially when the bottles get heavier. I have to hold them together in place. Any tips to keep this from happening?


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