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Flange Fitting - What is it?

Hi Mamas! A flange fitting involves a measurement of your nipple to ensure you are using the appropriate flange size while pumping. A proper fit is important for pain-free and comfortable pumping. Commercial breast pumps typically come with 1-2 "standard" flange sizes, usually 24 mm and a 27 or 28 mm set. MANY pumpers actually need something smaller and a fitting can help figure that out! Legendairy Milk can help with any pumping/flange concerns, book a flange fit with our lactation consultant and pumping expert!

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Why do I need flange-sizing?

Are you experiencing:
- Pain?
- Nipple damage?
- Low output?
- Still feel full after pumping?
- Flange is too big?
- Flange is too small?

If the answer to any of the above is "yes", a fitting can help reduce the pain and damage, increase output and overall comfort. It also helps to know that if you have been pumping for a long time in a flange that is too big, your nipple tissue can be very swollen from that wrong size. After your fitting, you may find that you need to change size again as swelling decreases with your proper fit.

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What should I expect?

Once you book, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the secure platform where you will complete your intake questionnaire which will ask about your baby, your pumping experience and the pumps and flange sizes you own and use. This can take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. You will also receive instructions on providing photos and video for your fit assessment. These submissions are important as they give us the information we need to assist you in finding your appropriate fit. Once these are submitted, you will receive a report and recommendations for your flange size within 48 business hours (from the time of your scheduled 'appointment').

The session will be via secure messaging, there is no phone, video or live chat included.