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How Long Should An Average Nursing Session Last?

By: Sabrina Granniss, IBCLC


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time associated with a breastfeeding session is as variable as the amount of milk consumed

We’re often asked how long an average nursing session should last. There is no right answer to this and no relationship exists between the length of a nursing session and how much milk is consumed by baby. ⁣

In terms of breastfeeding basics, the best rule of thumb is to allow for cue-based feeds and let baby set the pace of their breastfeeding schedule. How are baby’s poops? How is baby’s weight gain? Are you seeing/hearing lots of active swallowing at the breast? Is baby content after feeds? If so, you likely have nothing to worry about. ⁣

How long is a typical breastfeeding session for you?


My baby is teething , she is 11 months old and she is nursing for 40 minutes. I’m tired.
Legendairy Milk replied:
Teething and a toddler can definitely be tiring! You’ve got this! 😊

Mariela Cojulun

My baby is nearly 10 months and she nurses for about 20 minutes 2x during the night and then does shorter 5-15 minute feeds during the day.


My baby is barely 4 months and nurses for 30 min. He sometimes refuses to nurse during the day, but will take 3-4 oz in a bottle.


In the first few months it was ~18-25 minutes per feed. And then at exactly at 3-3.5 months old her feeding time cut in half and was only 10-12 minutes! It was so shocking and unexpired that I was convinced she wasn’t getting enough milk. So I started doing weighted feedings with the Hatch Grow scale and sure enough, she was getting plenty! 5-7oz per feeding in half the time it took previously. It was truly wild but it’s true what they say, babies pretty suddenly become much more efficient and feedings go much faster. She’s now 6 months and feedings range from 12-15 minutes just depending on how distracted she gets. Now that she’s much more aware and curious, she pops on and off more.
Legendairy Milk replied:


My 7 month old nurses 5-15 min during the day and 15 min at night if she wakes up. When she was younger ~2months old she would nurse for 45 min!


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