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How Long Should An Average Nursing Session Last?

By: Sabrina Granniss, IBCLC


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time associated with a breastfeeding session is as variable as the amount of milk consumed

We’re often asked how long an average nursing session should last. There is no right answer to this and no relationship exists between the length of a nursing session and how much milk is consumed by baby. ⁣

In terms of breastfeeding basics, the best rule of thumb is to allow for cue-based feeds and let baby set the pace of their breastfeeding schedule. How are baby’s poops? How is baby’s weight gain? Are you seeing/hearing lots of active swallowing at the breast? Is baby content after feeds? If so, you likely have nothing to worry about. ⁣

How long is a typical breastfeeding session for you?


My 3 month old eats for about 10 mins during the day sometimes a lil longer but he is gaining weight so well and is so chunky I know he getting enough
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My munchkin is 4.5 months old and he nurses for 10-25 minutes throughout the day.


For the first six weeks it was about 40 minutes per session, and then suddenly it was 20-25 minutes. The change freaked me out but my LC taught me how to listen for swallows so I knew he was getting enough. The last few days though, due to his growth spurt, he does not want to unlatch even when nothing is coming out. Lol
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My baby eats for 30ish minutes 6xs a day! Hes almost 4 months old


My 6mo usually only nurses for 4-6 minutes during the day if he’s awake. I feel like there’s no way that’s enough but he REFUSES to eat any more. At night when he’s falling asleep it can get closer to 20 minutes.


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