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Legendairy Milk Products Now Available at Walmart!

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We have some incredible news to share with you! We are thrilled to announce that our best-selling lactation supplements are now available on Walmart.com and in select Walmart stores. That’s right - you can now find our Liquid Gold®, Pump PrincessMilkapalooza® and Pumping Spray products in Walmart, making it easier than ever for moms to get the lactation support they need.

We know that being a nursing mom can be tough, but finding the right lactation support should be easy. That’s why we’re excited to bring our trusted and effective products to Walmart. We want to make it as simple as possible for moms everywhere to access our high-quality supplements that are designed to help boost milk supply and help provide essential nutrients for both mom and baby.

And if you need any more convincing that our products are worth trying, just check out this amazing review from a nursing mom:

“I never leave reviews for products, but as a nursing mom I felt it was necessary to share that this product was amazing for me! My house came down with the FLU (LO as well) with the stress, less fluids and him not nursing as much my supply dwindled down to 1oz/20 min pumping session. I ran to Walmart and within 24hours of this supplement, drinking tons of water, nursing and pumping, my supply not only went back up but was much more than normal! This was a huge life saver considering my LO is dairy free and formula is hard to come by for him!”

We are so proud to have made a difference in this mom’s breastfeeding journey, and we want to help even more moms achieve their breastfeeding goals with our products. Now that we’re available at Walmart, we’re even more accessible to moms who need us most.

To find a Walmart near you that carries our products, be sure to check out our store locator

We can’t wait to help more moms on their breastfeeding journey with our trusted supplements, now available at Walmart.

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