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Tips for Using Your Imani i2 Wearable Pump!

If you are new to wearable pumps, below are our top tips and instructions when using our Imani i2 hands-free pump:

  1. Charge your Motor!  

The Imani i2 motor may come with a bit of charge out of the box, but to ensure battery performance please fully charge your Imani i2 before the first use. 

  1. Sterilize! 

We recommend sterilizing all plastic and silicone cup parts by boiling them in water for 3 minutes. Other sterilization methods, such as steam sterilizers, may cause the silicone parts to warp or wear out faster.  You may see the plastic parts warp or become misshapen as well which can affect the way the parts fit together. After the initial sterilization, your parts can be washed in warm soapy water and then placed on a clean towel to air dry. 

If your motor unit becomes dirty, you can wipe it down with a damp paper towel or wipe. Be careful not to get any liquid inside the motor compartment, and dry with a clean towel if needed. 

  1. Assemble! 

Ensure all your parts are clean, dry, and free of defects before assembly. If you do notice any warping, cracks, or other wear, please replace your parts.  

You can view the Imani i2 Assembly Video Here

  1. Did you check your Flange Size before your purchase?

Have you used silicone flanges before? Sizing is sometimes a bit different for silicone flanges than what we use for hard plastic. This is because silicone moves and flexes in ways hard plastic doesn't, so we tend to need a size closer to our nipple measurement to avoid air leaks leading to loss of suction and affecting output. We have found that well-fitted silicone flanges tend to be 1-2 mm larger than the diameter of the nipple before pumping. Some parents may find that they need a smaller size for silicone flanges than their traditional hard flange measurement.

If you have access to a printer, you can use our Printable Nipple Ruler to measure your pre-pump nipple size. You're also welcome to book a flange fitting consultation with our resident lactation consultant/pumping expert. It costs $25 and is very comprehensive. You can learn more here:

  1. Wearing/ Applying the Cups! 

If you haven't used Collection Cups before, it's also important to know that there can be a bit of a learning curve as the breasts need to get used to the different sensations and experiences as well. We recommend a well-fitted bra so that the cups are secure against your body and that you feed the breast into the cup by leaning forward and dropping the breast into the cup, leading with the nipple to center it, and bringing the cup against your body and secure your bra around it. 

IMPORTANT - When you finish expressing milk, do not immediately pull the hands-free cup away from your breast. Instead, turn off the power and remove the Imani motor before attempting to remove the Collection Cup. Next lean forward slightly and slide your finger between your skin and the breast shield to break the seal from the suction, and then slowly remove the pump. 

This will ensure the motor does not come in contact with any milk while removing the cups from the breast. Additionally, breaking the seal will help to remove the breast shield without the risk of suction separating the parts while leaning forward prevents any milk in the tunnel from spilling out.

  1. What to expect with your new Wearable Imani i2? 

When you are switching from one pump to another it can take some time to adjust. This is due to the differences in suction and vibration, which can be different for each pump. Letdown is a trained response and it may take a bit of trial and error to find the right settings for your body.

The Imani pump has two modes - massage and expression.  It does not auto-switch, so toggling between the modes and adjusting the vacuum levels can take a bit of time to get used to. Typically individuals operate in Massage Mode for 3-5 minutes before switching to Expression Mode. It can vary from person to person, but it generally takes 10-15 minutes to completely empty the breast. Some find that they respond better to a traditional double electric pump better than a wearable pump, like the Imani i2.  If so, the Imani i2 is great for pumping at work, in the car, or otherwise on the go.

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