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    Legendairy Mamas

    Legendairy Mamas

    All breastfeeding moms have one main goal -- to feed their child. But contained within this main goal are a wide range of smaller, related goals like combating a low milk supply, adjusting to a baby's feeding demands during a growth spurt, planning on returning to work or school, or providing pumped milk to a preterm infant.

    The Legendairy Mamas program provides a team of lactation and sleep experts who can guide you through these challenges and help you define small steps you can make towards your breastfeeding and postpartum goals. Best of all, you can meet with one of our counselors or consultants from the comfort of your own home. To book your virtual consultation, please fill out this form.

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    • My baby is 1 today she don’t want to latch anymore I pump but olny .5 to 1 oz please tell me this isn’t the end I want to keep going

    • I was desperate to find lactation supplements to increase my milk. I tried buying from local Pharmacies here in Qatar but it did not help me. I search on the internet and came across this website. I did not hesitate and ordered immediately and waited for a week for delivery. It did not fail me!! Thank you for this amazing products.

    • Too happy to share how LM has saved me and my baby’s breastfeeding journey! Was about to give up, two weeks ago, with only less than an ounce of pumped milk even after 5 hours of not expressing milk! Thank you to Legendairy Milk Liquid Gold, my supply is now back to normal, actually even more than before! It is slowly building up now, expressing 3oz of milk even after baby has just latched and drained the milk on my boobies. Thank you, Legendairy Milk! So legendary!!!

    • I had set up a lactation consultation with Josi because I was struggling with the pain of pumping! I read LM’s Instagram and bought as much as products I could to help relieve the symptoms I was having. Josi got me sized perfectly for my flanges and it feels more comfortable to pump now! :) the Legendairy Milk pills are amazing for boosting milk production too! So far, Milkapalooza has been magic for me.

      Joanna Naghibi
    • I’m new to breastfeeding and boy is it a lot to it! I had thrush for about 2 weeks and didn’t even know what it was. It was so painful I almost gave up breastfeeding. I had been searching the internet and YouTube for all kinds of tips to help me when I came across a video of another mother who mentioned Josi. She is such a BLESSING! She was so helpful with tips and tricks of breastfeeding! She even sized my flanges. I feel like I can go a long way with breastfeeding now that Josi came into my life :)

      Ciera Greene

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